Author Topic: average cost per ounce, per ingredient and weights used on a 14" pizza?  (Read 3096 times)

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Hello all,

 Can anyone tell me the average cost per ounce of Italian sausage, pepperoni, a thick-cut ham, a spicy salami, bacon, green/red bell peppers, red/yellow onion, green/black olives, mushrooms, and pineapple?

 Can anyone tell me the average "amounts" used by a pizza restaurant on a 14" pizza?

Sorry for the specific question but any help would be appreciated - thanks in advance.


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I have never seen any information on average costs of ingredients such as you are requesting. You might want to post that question over at the PMQ Think Tank to see if you get any bites. I suspect that pricing varies widely across the country.

For usage information, you might check out the Burke's portion guide shown at,14822.msg147190.html#msg147190. Even then, amounts of ingredients varies quite widely from one pizza operator to another. You might also post that question at the PMQTT to see what you get for replies.


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All i'd say is that 14" pie better cost you less than $2 to make. And then hope to sell about 100 of them a day for at $12-$15 each, and you'll make your mama proud.  :chef:

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Re: average cost per ounce, per ingredient and weights used on a 14" pizza?
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We at Burke Corporation have updated the pizza toppings portion guide to include even more meats, vegetables and cheeses.

Download a free digital copy at: