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Feeling lost in the shuffle...
« on: August 08, 2011, 02:55:42 PM »
So i have been scanning through all these posts here and i have come to the conclusion that i need some nerding up to do. I feel like a level 7 paladin facing a level 49 warlock. Bad joke but anyway, I keep hearing either cordierite, firebrick, soapstone, quarry or fibrament. This helps but when people start talking about density and porability (word? maybe? to be porous?), I get lost. Also cordierite is less conductive, therefore it's better? I am trying to cook on my grill and It can get to 800f on the roof (thinking of rigging it to get the stone higher) so whatever that means for getting a stone. I hear quarry is cheap and i was thinking of going to home depot and asking them to cut me a big slab. I guess what im asking is, what do all these properties of stone mean and how do they apply to my baking? Why would i choose soapstone over firebrick or cordierite over both? Thanks!