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sd ny pizza
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     sd room rise for 24 hours
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I started a 18-24 hour sd room temp. pizza tonight. My dough is 16 oz. made at 60% maybe a bit higher as I added about a tablespoon of water during the final mix. I added 1 t. of my 100% sourdough ,water was at about 50 degrees. It has been about seven hours and there is some minimal activity. I will keep you informed. Any ideas welcome. My recipe is mine but influenced by the Pizza Rachel posts. Patrick   18 hours there was a 3x rise,re balled and back to counter for final rise at 75 degree. I was tempted to put in cooler but that is not the goal. Patrick      fwiw the dough was overproofed. Tasted good but most of the glutten was gone. Next time 16 to 18 hours same formula Patrick
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