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NY style comparison
« on: June 29, 2005, 08:01:39 AM »
This past weekend I had a chance to sample a NY style pizza from a small local chain of family owned pizza/pasta restaurants. When I lived in a nearby town, this is the chain I always went to for pizza, calzone, and stromboli and thought of them as the best. Elizabeth's in Greensboro and nearby towns is owned by Italian immigrants. When another member of the family comes to the US, they start up another restaurant.

I had a simple sausage pizza Sunday night with friends and while the pizza was quite good, I have to say....my crust tastes better! I think mine has a better taste and is thinner in the middle than the local chain. The rim was a little thicker, but the overall thickness of their crust was pretty much the same from the rim to the middle of the pie.

This was a nice surprise to find my pizza crusts preferable to a "professional" pie!


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Re: NY style comparison
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2005, 07:33:41 PM »
Yes...one of the hazards of making your own pizza and using the resources on this site is that you slowly dislike all other pizza places you may have liked previously.   Additionally you will find that you will get calls from friends (close friends and not so close friends) to have you make your pizza after they have had a taste of the good life.  I personally have had to create a waiting list since although I would love to make pizza daily (as some of the members do) I seem to only have enough time once a week to do so. The waiting list works out great since my "testers" get to give great feedback over a period of months to aid with my pizza making.  You will find that creating your own pizza narrows down your tastes quite a bit to the "perfect" pizza (at least with respect to your taste buds). 

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Re: NY style comparison
« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2005, 01:36:33 PM »
I used to live in NC. I was stationed at Fort Bragg. Just outside of the base there's an Elizabeth's Pizza Restaurant. When I lived there, the owner of that restaurant chain...worked at the Fort Bragg Elizabeth's location. I am an avid fan of NY style pizza and lived in NY for 13 yrs. The pizza at Elizabeth's was absolutely awesome (probably because the owner was working there daily hand tossing the pies). I get to NYC a good number of times a year and always get pizza while there. I have to say that if Elizabeths Pizza Restaurant was in NYC, I'd go there every chance I got...it's that good.

As most ex-New Yorkers would say...it's really hard to find an authentic NY style pizza place outside of the confinds of NYC. They're out there in other places of the country, but it almost always takes a good deal of research to find a good one. I really felt lucky while I was down south and found Elizabeths. It's kinda sad that I live in Connecticut (right next to NY) and have a hard time finding a good NY Style Pizza Restaurant. I have one in my neighborhood...but I only rate them a C+. When the owner is working...I rate them a B+. It just goes to show that making a great NY Style Pizza is trully an art form.

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Re: NY style comparison
« Reply #3 on: August 29, 2005, 11:56:56 AM »
Dr. G,

When I was stationed at Pope (this was in '92), there was a small pizzeria that opened up in the Wal-Mart plaza in Spring Lake.  It was called Brooklyn Pizzeria, and it offered some of the finest pizza I've had anywhere, ever.  And they delivered on-base.  Heaven.

I never went to Elizabeth's, but I know that Brooklyn is still there, and I'm somewhat amazed that they were able to make it in the South, in spite of Fayetteville's decidedly "cosmopolitan" flavor.  I took my wife (then fiancee) there, which was her first encounter with the miracle that is NY pizza, and she besmirched the honor of my passion by trying to drain the grease off her first slice by holding it upright and letting it drip.  Oh, the humanity!

I calmly explained that if this little shindig of ours (read: relationship) was going to work out, she must never, under any circumstances, EVER do that again.  Having been raised in a household in which the use of garlic was defined by rubbing half a clove on a cooking surface and then throwing it away, she was not ready for such a...bold culinary experience.   Luckily for her taste buds, I was able to steer her in the right direction.  ;)

Now she's as much of a NY pizza junkie as I am, and considers a light layer of translucent orange grease a necessity.