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Almost there!!
« on: September 29, 2011, 01:12:57 AM »
There is this pizza place where i live that Iím fanatical about. It's a typical New York style pizza, hand stretched. The owner knows how much i love his pizza. For about 6 weeks now I've been trying to recreate his pizza at home so I was hoping to get some help from other forum members for some suggestions as to what products are being used. I'm going to break down the pizza into three parts dough, sauce, and cheese. I'm looking for the commercial products used, not for similar supermarket quality products because there is a cash and carry place in my neighborhood so i have access to restaurant quality products, and my uncle has a pizza store with a deck oven so I go down there when itís not too busy really late at night and try my latest versions of my recipes. Maybe I'm a little obsessed but i really love doing this because I usually find something I like even better along the way. So here goes!

Dough: one day I asked him where he learned to make great pizza dough. He told me there was no real secret to it. I said its salt sugar oil yeast and water right? He said you donít need any oil or sugar. From later conversations I learned he uses the Pillsbury xxx flour. So i bought a 50lb bag of all trumps flour because thatís what they had and made a really good pizza dough with it, hydration around 60%. I told him about my pizza dough experiment and he told me if I opened a pizza store he would come down for a few days and teach me how to make excellent dough for large volume. So I was satisfied with that aspect of it.

The Sauce: The sauce is not very spiced but has an aftertaste that builds the more you eat the pizza which I really like. He has Stanislaus posters in the dining room so I first tried Sapporito heavy duty pizza sauce because itís supposed to be the best. That wasnít it then I tried a few other products like the 7/11 and the 74*40 tomato fillets. Closer but not it, Then I tried the Full Red pizza sauce and I knew I was on to something it had the aftertaste I was after, but I need help with the spices and amounts. The only way I can describe the sauce is it doesnít have any overwhelming taste, no garlic, minimal salt, just enough sugar to take some of the acidic bite out of it and I think some oregano and/or basil but there is an occasional small chunk of tomato, so I think there might be some 74*40 in the sauce too! So many variables Iím going crazy!

The Cheese: The cheese is the part where I need the most help on he told me he only uses mozzarella. When watching the pizza being made I see him sprinkle some kind of grated cheese after he cheeses the pizza. The only way I can describe how the cheese tastes is this. It has this deeply salty taste (but in a good way) the cheese could be called greasy by some because it has this orangey oil that the cheese produces when the pizza is cooked. Also it seems to stick to the pizza well. Whenever I try to make a pizza it gets goopy like I put way too much cheese on it. I tried Grande east coast blend and Grande whole milk mozzarella both werenít what Iím looking for in my opinion very average and very expensive. Iíve noticed that a lot in this pizza making journey that more expensive doesnít usually mean better and most of the time I like a companyís second tier products than its premier product line. So if someone could give me some ideas on what is being used it would be really appreciated!

I donít want to ask because heís always busy and I like the hunt and trials of new products.