Author Topic: Any one read Pizza: A Slice of Heaven : The Ultimate Pizza Guide and Companion  (Read 3452 times)

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and was it any good?

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I read through it today. There are people who want to know where to go for pizza when they are travelling.  This book tells you what pizzerias to checkout throughout the U.S., covers their background, etc.  It ranges between a couple of paragraphs to a couple of pages per top notch pizzeria.  Kind of like a lightweight version of Smokestack lightening that covers the legends of BBQ (which does a much better job of covering technique and deep secrets though).  Couldn't find any recipes.  This is more for one who wants to eat the right stuff when travelling, which the author is quite knowlegeable.  Not for those who want to learn more about creating pizzas.

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Be advised. This book is written by Ed Levine, a food writer for the New York Times. His total bias is for New York pizza which he claims is king and thinks California pizza is "lousy". I believe just the opposite. As long as you know the author's bias, you will know what he recommends and how he determines what is good. One place he recommends is Berkley's Chez Panisse. I've eaten there.  You might like it. It ain't pizza IMHO; but you might like it.

One recipe is included for Neapolitan style. That's it for recipes.

Levine likes 1000 degree ovens and thick style. If you do too and you are going to the East Coast, it might be worth $24.95.

Otherwise the library might have it 641.824  L665 2005.

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