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Two pizza joints I've recently tried
« on: October 19, 2011, 03:40:22 PM »
On a recent trip to the US, I made all of the usual stops for pizza, but two "new" ones for me stand out in my mind...

1. Quatro's Deep Pan Pizza - way down in Carbondale, IL. Started in 1975, serves a kind of shallow deep dish in the same tradition as Pequod's or Burt's using caramelized cheese on the sides of the crust. The dough is a bit less "cakey" though, and the sausage is milder.. Which I can appreciate.

2. Side Street Saloon in Chicago - Excellent thin crust pizza in the Chicago tradition of it.. Crackery crust and square slices... Really suprisingly great pizza, and really good beef sandwiches too. And the price is right too.

Has anyone ever had the chance to try these pizza's?