Author Topic: dough last week and this week, leather like crust  (Read 1386 times)

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dough last week and this week, leather like crust
« on: October 21, 2011, 11:32:43 PM »
I made dough last thurs morning for friday evening, same recipe about 4-5 min knead, was ok

thin crust
506gr water 65%
144 tbl oil
1.22 tsp idy
.78 tbl sugar
780gr bread flour GM Full strength around 12 %
.81 tbl salt

   this week I made the dough on wed morning for friday evening, the dough seemed to have a leather like crust, somewhat tough, mainly the bottom, the only thing I may have done with this batch of dough is maybe I kneaded about 7-8 min and a day longer in the fridge, bake times were about the same on a 1 1/8"thk soapstone at 550 deg, been using this stone for about a year.


PS found out this morning we were going to have a few more guest, so I made Complex3 emergrncy dough at noon today, actually I got raves on the emergency dough in the thick style pizza.
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