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Shakey's Pizza Pics
« on: November 02, 2011, 11:51:24 PM »
Some months back I had a jolt of nostalgia.  As a kid we'd always get Shakey's pizza.  Maybe this is why I grew tired of it and don't eat it much anymore.  I felt like having pizza and had no dough, I don't mean money but mean pizza dough.  Could have chosen PJ, Domino's, PH or the like.  Sbarro was at the mall about 15 mins away and closed to I ruled that out.  Nostalgia hit so the only answer to that would be Shakey's.  For those not near a Shakey's I'd like to present you with pics of the pizza.  This was super small.  You can see the slice is so small, the one on the plate next to the tomato.  By the way, I grew that tomato. It's a Japanese tomato, I forgot the actual Japanese name, maybe Moritomo or something.  It was expensive too.  I think like 10 bucks for that miniature pizza.  I thought they did it wrong and gave me the mini or whatever instead of the small but they claim not. 

I don't care for this crust because it taste like I am eating a mouth full of flour.  I wonder if the hydration is the lowest one can go because it's like all flour to me, not much water.