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College Football and Deep Dish
« on: November 29, 2011, 12:08:16 PM »
After all of the turkey and mashed potatoes I was in the mood for some pizza.  Since I live in Houston its hard to find good pizza whether it be NY or Chicago.  My buddy who is from Chicago asked me to make some deep dish and we would watch the games on Saturday.  It was my second attempt and I felt confident.  They came out pretty good.  I made a pepperoni one and a sausage patty at his request.  He said that they tasted authentic and that he and his brother would pay for me to make these again.  Here are some pics.  The first few are the of the pepperoni and the last 2 are the sausage patty.  The burnt spots on top is parmesan cheese.  

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Re: College Football and Deep Dish
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I'm hungry now......