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Hi all,
 Tomorrow evening I will get my first ever chance to try a 6 n 1 tomato. As a matter of fact, I have never tasted any canned tomatoes in my life other than the Hunts varieties. I'm 31 and about to make my first pizza. I had a thought....since I am a tomato virgin and have no basis or preconceived idea on how the 6 n 1 should taste.....does anyone want me to do a taste test of a few other brands? I think locally I have centro, red gold, San Marranos ( fake kind?) and Walmart brands.

Thought it might be an interesting scenario considering I have no idea how these things should taste.


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I'm a fan of 6-1's myself.  I'd be interested in hearing what you think if you were to open a can of your Hunts, and a can of 6-1 and try them both straight out of the can. No fair adding anything to them!  Actually, I think canned tomatoes taste a bit better after they've been exposed to the air a bit......sorta like wine I guess.

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There's a very active thread you might want to look at,16096.0.html
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Yeah you might want to try classico brand either peeled ground or crushed. Crushed in my opinion has better flavor, but you need to dump the whole can in a mesh strainer and let it set untouched for roughly 30 minutes. You will end up with about a 1/2 cup almost clear liquid. With 1/2 cup liquid removed, i find that to be a good consistency for pizza sauce.
 I have never tried 6-1 but i read people say classico is just as good if not better. Walmart has classico brand for $1.58 a can right now.
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