Author Topic: Italian Sausage and Connective Tissue  (Read 6463 times)

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Re: Italian Sausage and Connective Tissue
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I don't see any reason to slow cook sausage UNLESS you are flavoring a tomato sauce.  When you eat sausage that most italians prepare in sauce, as in a sub sandwich, the sausage is always very, very tender....thats because Italians usually simmer sausage in sauce for a few hours.  Thats why their sausage never has a snap to it.  If I get a sausage grinder with snap I know that the sausage is quickly cooked and simply covered with tomato sauce.  The flavor of properly cooked italian sausage is also much milder than a sausage thats been broiled.

Now, when most southern italians cook sausage and peppers, or a sausage prepared in a dish and NOT a sauce, it DOES have a snap, because the sausage is NOT simmered in sauce.  Even then, the sausage simply has BITE to it, never tough....all the connectives have been prepared in the grinding process.....its simply not as tender as simmered sausage....BUT, it retains much more flavor.

Sausage with peppers, or potatoes, I like broiled and serve.....sausage in sauce.....THAT i like fork tender....and a bit blander.....