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No more distribution! Need your opinion!
« on: January 30, 2012, 12:22:08 AM »
Hi All-

I own a family entertainment center and pizza is pretty much the only thing we serve that is hot food.  When we opened, we purchased an inexpensive pizza franchise that pretty much helped set us up with their distributor.  Now, there is no distribution of their product within 500 miles of here!!!  The distributor(s) all stopped selling it.  Instead, when we order now, the distributor has arbitrarily replaced the product we order with something else.  So instead of frozen pizza doughballs, pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese that was sold for this franchise, we get completely different product that has been untested together and really isn't very good.

So I need some advice from you folks who know the business.

I want to continue to use frozen dough purchased in bulk, mozz cheese, and sauce... But finding the right mix is the key to it all.  I'm hoping that someone out there has found a mix that works for them and would be willing to share.

Any suggestions on the dough, cheese and sauce that would have a good taste that will work with my conveyor belt ovens???  Thanks in advance and I hope someone will reply.

thanks again