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Il Pizzaiolo, Mount Lebanon, Pittsburgh, PA
« on: August 21, 2005, 06:27:31 PM »
Finally I went there.  Vera pizze Napoletana!

Unfortunately Ron(?) wasn't there today, as I was told his wife just had a baby
and he was home helping with it.  (And come on, even a restauranteur
has to take part of a day off from work once in a while... not many
though!)  (And congratulations!)

I ordered the most American-like pizza, just because it's my lowest-brained
yardstick, Margherita with pepperoni.  The crust was awesome but not as melt-
in-your-mouth as my brother had described; this is the basic problem with
writing about food, which is much like dancing about architecture.kind, this crust
was strong enough to not bend when held as a slice, despite it's thinness. This I can appreciate, having had my chin scalded more
times than is healthy from sloppy wet pies.  I enjoyed the way the cheese strung
out making me invent new fork techniques for consolidating the cheese halfway
between slice and pie by rotating until both sides let go!

I can't wait to go back and try the other styles with the buffalo,
smoked buffalo cheeses, the garlic, the oregano, etc.  Of course I also
had to try a cappuccino and tiramisu, even after finishing the entire
12" pie, and was not disappointed.  (With the kind of pepperoni that curl up,
and sometimes piggyback on each other - of course, my favorite! - remember
Pizza Roma, Scott?)

As for atmosphere, as a single guy, I was an easy sell; everyone from
the hostess/bartender down to the bus girl were extremely attractive,
and at the risk of sounding metro, so were the guys.  I didn't get to try
the outdoor seating in the rear, yet another reason to go back, and thing
to look forward to.  Never mind meeting the man behind the operation.
I loved the barnwood bar, the brick oven seeming to connect the main
dining room with the kitchen, and the tasteful photographs, earthy
vibe, and heck, even the clientele seemed to be of top crust.


Eric, brother of Scott R
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