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Pizza results good
« on: February 20, 2012, 10:23:43 PM »
First, I want to thank for all of the information on this website and the people who help me with more information on where to get this and that and what to do. Thanks to the Tom Lehman pizza recipe - 2 1/2 cup with 1  cup of water, etc formula.

Made  one of the doughs that I prepared , and it was awesome , delicious , ( dough that was about 2 days old - refrigerated.) It was very easy to work with. Now I see why you have to freeze them or maybe use less yeast because the one that i still have in the frig is still rising ( very slowly - it looks like a little nipple on top . )

 I screwed up on one batch before this one, ( I actually hand kneading it - for 5 to 8 min, sticky sticky sticky , useless ) and waited 24 hrs  for that and still cooked it up , and it still came out tasty- (A. Trump dough )-tasty crust. The bottom comes out nice and tender,which is what i was looking for - just cooked it with canned pizza sauce. Using the broiler does comes in handy.
Appreciated all the help.