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Time for a Pizza Oven!
« on: February 21, 2012, 12:08:28 PM »
Hi Everyone!

I think I have the Wood Fired Illness. I recently had the BEST Pizza I have ever had at a place called Coal Fire in Ellicott City. They make an awesome Neopolitian Pizza with wings none-the-less in a wood fired oven. If i could create that at home I would never eat out again!  :chef:

I am a foodie and love outdoor cooking. I have a Large BGE (it does an OK job with Pizza, but it eats gaskets when I take it over 750 degrees). I also have a great Superior SS2 cabinet smoker (AWESOME BBQ) as well as the obligatory Webers (gas and charcoal).

I am going to add a 12x14 stamped concrete patio in the back yard for a wood fired oven. I like the idea of a prefinished oven as I have little to no mason experience and do not want a several month long project. Cost is also a factor.

I am considering the Roundboy Pizza ovens for its price and simplicity (not to mention free shipping or local pickup for me)

I also like the Forno Bravo Andiamo 70 oven - it is even on wheels!

Most cooking will just be the wife and I but I also want to do the Pizza Party as a regular event. Access to the back yard ias a little tricky with a fairly steep grass hill, and it is too tight for any real machines. I welcome and appreciate any thoughts or advice!