Author Topic: Who wants to open a pizzaria?  (Read 12899 times)

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Re: Who wants to open a pizzaria?
« Reply #25 on: September 28, 2005, 01:43:22 AM »
Hi Rick,
           I would suggest you get a job in Italy with one of the major Hotel Corporations such as Hilton,Marriot,Inter Continental.That way you'll have the support of a major company and all of its power and opportunities available to you.They often move people around to gain experience and broaden their culinary repertoire.New York is full of Italian Chefs,so it would be relatively easy for you to network.I came to this country as an illegal,and found it relatively easy as English is my mother tongue,but I still would not reccomend it.BTW have you tried Stefano's Pizza in Tivoli?Last time I was there,I hopped on a train from Rome to visit him (he's right opposite Tivoli Station) and is very passionate about Neapolitan Pizza.Good luck,

Hi David thanks for your advice, it's a way worth exploring for sure.....

Never been to Stefan's Pizza in Tivoli but since It's only half an hour away from Rome I could go to taste his pizza and have a talk very soon....

Before applying for any Major Company's position I want to complete my pizza class and get some experience in a pizzeria not to big so I have the time to learn the practice after I've learned the Theory.... a lot of manuality is involved in pizza amking and only working in "the field" I can aquire it.....