Author Topic: Need a few suggestions for my own black egg  (Read 927 times)

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Need a few suggestions for my own black egg
« on: March 07, 2012, 02:19:47 AM »
I've been reading this forum with great enthusiasm, in particular, everything about black eggs. Today I picked up what I think will make a great egg. It's free, and it's a square low profile charcoal bbq. So I need a few ideas in how to properly construct this.

The bbq box is a 20" square and 13" high, 6 1/2" where the lid meets the base. I have a 60,000 btu burner for the heat source. I plan to cut and hing a door to reduce heat lose. The pizza stone will be sitting on the grate at the 6 1/2" height.

So I have two options for mounting the burner. I could cut a hole and insert the burner assembly or simply remove the burner from it's frame and mount it on the bottom of the base. Doing so will result in the top of the burner being 3" from the bottom of the stone.

Which method would be best? How about some kind deflection plate for the stone. Do I need to surround the base with bricks and do I need to add some kind of plate for the lid. Are the original venting holes okay or will they need to be modded. Hope I'm not missing anything. Thanks for all your input...


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Re: Need a few suggestions for my own black egg
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2012, 08:24:52 AM »
PB, I've looked at those square grills and have pondered how I would proceed to install a high pressure burner in one.This first observation comes from my own experiments with HP burners. In order for the burner to operate at maximum efficiency it needs air circulation and lots of it. It may be your top vents will supply enough, I won't guess, you'll have to try it and see. If you are using a high conductivity stone three inches may not work, you will have a hot spot right in the middle of the stone, that's bad. The shape of the taller LBE helps the rising heat spread out, though most is directed directly above, hence the reason people use diffusers From a technical standpoint the best burner arrangement would be similar to a regular LP gas grill, not a single very hot heat source but I think it is possible to make a HP work but not without someway to disperse the heat.