Author Topic: a chef gave me a lesson on sourdough so its back to bread making full power  (Read 3533 times)

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so in my job i got to meet a chef called micky kent and we spoke about pizza and i showed him my pizza photos and i told him that i am dying to learn bread and sourdough and that its not working...
so he told me lets stop the meeting on the work issue and let get down to bread buissnes :)
micky showd me how to knead by hand, how to use the starters he gave me 250ml jar from his 3 years old starters and some sort of small bag of his baking improvmet powder and vital wheat protein bag. and told me where to buy it.
it was great.


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here is a short video i took of micky giving the dough its first knead by hand


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well here is the results
70% water
knead by hand, 1 hour rest, slap and fold about 50 times.
cuple hours in the fridge...
then in 40cl oven couple hours
2 hours before baking and baked
20 covered and 40 uncovered
best made yet...

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That is a great story.  The bread looks delicious and I am glad that he took time to show you his methods.  That is priceless.... :chef:
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Nice work.  Good lookin' bread.

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Nothing like getting a hands on lesson from somebody who knows what they're doing, good baking to you!
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Nothing like getting a hands on lesson from somebody who knows what they're doing, good baking to you!

Years ago I worked in a restaurant where we made everything from scratch and baked our own breads, cakes, pies, etc. We had bakers who had worked in the restaurand for 20 years. The cakes I baked there were beautiful. Later, I went to open up a new restaurant for the same company, and I had to train people how to make the same cakes except now my cakes looked terrible. It was amazing how much a difference having someone who knows what they are doing looking over your shoulder. The hints you get can be so subtle that you don't even notice them yet they are so important that they make all the difference.

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Nice looking bread. I sent a way for some Carl Griffith's 1847 Oregon Trail starter (there's a group called Friends of Carl at after my sister-in-law turned me on to Jim Lahey's no-knead bread (her intro was an email with a subject line: Idiot Proof Bread... after my first failure, I sent back an email with a subject line: Don't Underestimate the Idiots). I played with an IDY version for a while, and then went for it after I had revived the starter over a couple of weeks.

It adds great flavor to the bread, but I noticed that it doesn't rise as well as the SAF yeast version.

My next venture will be to use the starter in a pizza dough this weekend (probably a combination of starter and IDY in the JerryMac NY recipe that I've done 4 times with IDY only, and see if I can progress to all starter). Can't wait to see what happens...


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thank you guys!
the strater died. i gave them food and every thing/// but it died...funny thing that micky told me it gonna probebly  happened and it did. maybe the change in the climent got somthing to do with it.