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So I have been lurking here for a while and been all over the web looking for plans to build my own oven that is affordable.. well I ended up reading Kiko Danzers Book on Building your own earthen oven. Well I did some research as far as materials and figured i could do it with refractory mortar. I located a local oven builder (Norris & Son, Chattanooga TN) and was able to buy some KS-4-Plus and KS-4-T (7 bags total). The base was built with 24 CMUs and then Cemented in place over stone pavers (2ftX2ftX2in 4 total). The center was had 4 CMU's (8inX8inX16in) and 4 Solid CMU's (8inX6inX16in). The gap in between the wall and the center pillar of CMU's was filled with crushed granite and limestone effectively cementing it in place. Masonry Sand was then laid down and glass bottles placed to fill as much available space as possible and then covered with more masonry sand to create the foor on which the fire brick was placed. 18 Fire Brick were used to create the floor of the oven and were tapped into place to create an even floor. A sand mold was built up using moistened sand to the height of 16in with a 10in (2/3rds the height of the oven) door. Wet newspaper was placed over the sand mold and mortar was layered around the base and up over the top of the dome in 2 layers with the average layer thickness of 3.5 - 4 inches. According to Norris & Sons this is thick enough for the dome to retain heat without much loss (the outside should not feel warm to the touch this has not been tested as of yet*). After 48hrs of curing the sand mold was removed and you see it as it is. I am thinking of adding some brick to the front to tidy it up and am still debating on what to do with the HORRIBLE looking base but considering it is placed in a garden i don't think there will be a problem covering it with plants! After removing sand I did some temp checking with a IR thermometer to see how warm it was just from the sun and there was a 10 degree difference between the outside and inside just with the evening shade, I cant wait to fire this puppy up!

See attached pictures!
(NOTE: The dogs were mad I took some of their garden from them obviously.)

First firing
building Fire Tools
Painting the Dome
Making Pizza

Sand Mold
Refractory Concrete around Sand Mold
Removing sand

Cost @ this point: ~$230.00

I will keep this post updated as I figure out how it works out :) if nothing else I have an expensive garden decoration :P