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Pizza Scaling Calculator
« on: September 27, 2005, 09:01:13 PM »
Sorry, I was so late in reposting this.  I was working on a calculation to convert weight in oz. to approximate volume measure, from the info Pete-zza sent me.

Here is the link -

If anyone is pretty good in Excel VBA language, please help.  What I would like to do is have a series of combo boxes, each one would have a list of common pizza ingredients, you select one from the list, and it would then multiple it against a previously calculated weight to arrive at a approximate volume.  This would be great for such things as yeast, and salt, that are much easier to measure then weigh.

You would select the ingredient from the drop down box, the ingredient would correlate to a conversion value that would be multiplied by the weight in oz. to arrive at a volume measure.

Ingredient = conversion value x weight in oz. = approximate volume measure

I have uploaded a photo of what I would like to do, I just need the programming language to execute it.  Any help in this area would be appreciated.

As for the excel sheet.  Feel free to edit it as needed, to unlock the sheet the password is pizzamaking   - all lowercase.

The sheet is locked by default, any box in white you can change, anything in blue is the output.  The first sheet is a default sheet, you can scale ingredients of any pizza you input to any size, the second sheet is a pre-formulated baker's percentages of Randy's American Style Pizza.  On the right hand side, just enter a new pizza size, and thickness and it will kick out the scaled weights of needed ingredients.

I would like to add a sheet for most of the favorite recipes on this site, Giordano's, Lehman's, etc...  I would need the baker's percentages for those.  This would be a way for the bachelor's among us to try the recipes on this site without having to make a 16in. pizza each time.