Author Topic: Mozzarella Cheese.. Observations from behind the cheddar curtain.  (Read 1799 times)

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Hi all, I live right in the center of Wisconsin's cheese land. I've tried most all of the local offerings and wanted to share a few observations for those who are searching for that perfect Mozzarella. There are several very good choices and they are available online. Honorable mention to Vern's cheese from Chilton, WI, Steve's Cheese from Denmark, WI, Gibbsville Cheese in Gibbsville, WI and Baker Cheese from St. Cloud, WI. The cheese that stands above the rest for me, in flavor, texture and melt / browning is made by Master cheesemaker Roger Krohn in Luxemburg, WI under the Trega Foods / Agropur brand. The have a retail outlet store in Little Chute, WI named Simon's Specialty Cheese. Available in 1lb pcs and a 6lb brick, though you might have to call for the brick. Regards, ken