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Zelo in Minneapolis
« on: October 08, 2005, 01:20:38 PM »
I was in Minneapolis for business and my business partner Steve scouted out restaurants and came back and said we should go to Zelo's on Nicollet Mall which is a main bar-hopping area downtown. Steve's restaurant recommendations are sometimes a little scary, so  I was cursing him as I walked 10 blocks in 35 degree blistering wind wearing just a sports coat.  At least it had stopped hailing.  It's the first week in October!  Take me back to Atlanta.

But as soon as we got there I had a good feeling.  I walked by the brick oven and the pie coming out looked really, really good.  I've had a lot of bad pizza despite having a brick oven in Atlanta and other places.

When they served home baked bread at the table, I started to get very excited. It was a really good sign - outstanding bread. I ordered a plain pie.  I was shocked. This pie was almost EXACTLY like my pie.  Not just on the surface, but the underlying background flavor of my starter was almost identical.  This was the best pie I've had outside the northeast. Much better, for example, than Coppolas in San Jose which is VPM certified. Truly outstanding.

Also the rest of the food was great too. The steak was one the best I've had this year. And the desserts were great too. Overall the best meal I've had since I went to Mario Batalli's Babbo in NYC over Xmas.

I asked about the flour. They use Pillsbury All- Purpose with a dash of high-gluten.  I'm done arguing the flour issue.  This is a great case in point that technique, starter and heat are the ballgame.