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High hydration with easy to find ingredients
« on: July 01, 2012, 07:02:10 PM »
Flour I  (32%):      136g
Flour II  (65%):      271g
Bobs VWG  (3%):   10g
Water  (70%):      292.23g
ADY  (.75%):      .75tsp
Salt  (2%):      8g  |  1.75tsp
Total (172.75%):   724g  |  25.55 oz

Step One: preferment
Take mixer bowl and add 110F water plus the active dry yeast stir well once and let yeast hydrate for five minutes. Next add Flour I (KABF) and stir well again by hand. Using the handle end of a wooden spoon reduces the amount of dough loss from sticking. Large clumps should be stirred out but small ones are ok. Set a kitchen timer for 45 minutes to allow this to ferment at room temperature. Continue to next step while the timer is going.

Step Two: mise en place
Get a mixing bowl or an 8 cup measure and add Flour II and the Bob's Red Mill Vital Wheat gluten. Use a hand whisk to thoroughly mix the two dry ingredients together. Take a small container and measure out your salt using a scale or use measuring spoons if you wish. I usually use a cupcake pastel for my small ingredients. Wait for the timer to run out before continuing to step three.

Step Three: Cooldown
Take the preferment and stick it in the fridge for 3-4 hours. This is so your temperature isn't too high after your final mixing and your dough doesn't over rise. Do longer if you feel necessary I have never taken the temperature when removing from fridge. I dont use any cover on my mixing bowl as I feel the dough wont be harmed by a little evaporation.

Step Four: Mixing
Remove your mixing bowl from the fridge and use it cold. Dump the flour + VWG into the mixer bowl all at once. Turn on the power and mix just enough to get some shagginess. Sprinkle the salt evenly over the top.
Mix on speed two untill take up.
Tilt head and rest two minutes.
 Mix on speed two for four minutes then raise again for two minutes.
 Mix again for two more minutes.
Note: I often unlock the head on my Kitchen aid raising it a little as necessary so it "catches" the dough in kneading action again. You do not need to do a window pane for my dough, if it passes a window pane it is too tough to be my dough.

Step Five: Blob + Ferment
Raise your hook up on your mixer and use a scraper to scrape all the dough off the hook onto your blob below. Un-mount your bowl and pour your dough onto the counter scraping the remaining dough as best as possible. You may or may not be impressed at how far it stretches. Your counter should be dry and un-floured. We are going to use the stickiness of the dough to help shape it. Use your scraper to slide under the dough, pull out from the bottom, stretch over the top, and push to set it in place. Do this to all sides of the dough making a disc shape. This gentle stretching will help develop the gluten just a little bit more and supports a ball shape for our final dough. Once the dough feels firm slide your spatula underneath and pry it off the counter and take it into your hands. Ball the dough bringing the bottom of the disc into the top. Continue this motion until you have a sphere and pinch it shut. Throw the ball in your 8 cup measure or other large container with lid and refrigerate for the next 24 - 48 hours. Oil is not necessary as this baby will not dry out. If your dough rises too fast I have had no complications with punching down and re-balling.

Step Six: Shaping + Cooking
I am not going to explain in too much detail how to do this. I will tell you that this is intended to be a 16 inch pie with the rim purposely shaped into the dough. This dough needs to be stretched right out of the fridge. If you insist on letting it warm up before baking, shape your dough cold and let it warm on a pan. Watch out for thin spots and watch out for air trapped underneath your skin. Whenever I cook on my pan the area with air trapped underneath is completely raw. I do not have a 16 inch stone so I put my pie on the pan and throw the pan directly on the floor of my oven at 515F until I get a crisp bottom and then i move it up to the middle rack. Total bake time is whenever it looks done. If someone has a 16 inch stone I would love to see the results!

I use Classico Crushed tomato (blended smooth), Sorrento whole milk mozz, and Mama Mary's pepperoni. This pepperoni is available at 1 of 2 Walmart's in my area and I highly reccomend it.

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Re: High hydration with easy to find ingredients
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Some pics of the process:

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Re: High hydration with easy to find ingredients
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Re: High hydration with easy to find ingredients
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I tried to make my dough on the grill for the first time. I know that might not have been too smart seeing as I would want to post the best pictures possible but it was such a nice day out I had to try. I didn't use enough charcoal and had an extremely low temperature. I also had some problems with the dough shrinking on the peel which was a first for me too. Here is my 16 minute bake: