Author Topic: Papa Murphy's-esque butter flavored oil for bottom of pan pizza?  (Read 658 times)

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Hey, so most recipes I see for pan pizza use just vegetable oil for the few ounces called for in the pan before the dough goes in. Papa Murphy's pan pizza has this butter flavored oil in the pan.. it's not as tasty as it could be, but it's better than plain vegetable oil (which I don't like the taste of) and flavorless canola oil. I dig the taste of buttery bread and was wondering if anyone here is using or has successfully used something like that or know of a good butter flavored oil to try for the inside of the pan, not just to spray on the outer crust? I saw that Crisco makes a butter flavored lard.. what if I were to line the pan with an equivalent layer of that? I can't just mix actual melted butter with, say, olive oil as I'm pretty sure the real butter would brown the bottom too much if not burn it. Sometimes I eat those Totino's party pizza baked on a cookie sheet, which would otherwise make for a soft crust if it weren't for the layer of butter I spread on the sheet and lay the frozen pizza on top off.. comes out real crunchy, brown and buttery on the bottom like a ritz and I'd dig something like that for my pan pizza. I've seen some other butter flavored oils by redenbacher et al and I think there's olive oil ones. Anyone try any of those for this purpose?

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Re: Papa Murphy's-esque butter flavored oil for bottom of pan pizza?
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Butter flavored Crisco.
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