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help with a modified DKM thin crust
« on: April 26, 2015, 05:15:24 PM »
I have been expirmenting with a modification of DKM's thin crust recipe and am looking for help to achieve the desired results with a modification.  I have previously made the DKM recipe and really enjoyed the taste and texture.  Also, previously I have successfully added my ingredients and achieved the desired crumb texture only with a "24 hour room temp ferment".  However, I am attempting to add a cold ferment in addition to my ingredients and still achieve the texture of DKM's original cracker crumb recipe.  Unfortunately, I am having problems implementing the cold ferment.  As you can see in the pics below the partially baked skin is "airy", "puffy" and resembles the texture of a stale waffle.

Things I changed:

1.  Add a 72 hour cold ferment
2.  Add Molasses 
3.  Add Diastatic malt 

All of my ingredients were weighed to .001 of a gram.

I used recommendations and reduced my ADY 40% of the DKM original cracker crumb recipe due to the 72 hour cold ferment.

For the dough calculator, I used a dough ball weight of 22.8 oz, 34.5% hydration,  36% effective hydration, 0% bowl residue, and the addition of the molasses and malt.

Final dough ball weighed 22.08 oz, supposed to weigh 22.79oz, lost .71 oz
KABF          100%     15.27oz
Botl Water  34.5%     .5.27 oz
ADY            .72%      .11 oz
Sea Salt      1.2 %     .18 oz
Olive Oil      3.5 o%    .53 oz
Cane Sugar  1.2 %      .18 oz
Molasses      7%         1.07
Dis Malt       1.2%       .18 oz
Totlal      149.32%     22.08

My home temperature is about 72 deg, and the humidity is about 30-40% in my central Louisiana home.

My process:

1.   I divided the total weight of water into 2 separate containers each containing 50% of the total water.
     a.   Combined one container of water, total .18oz of sugar and heated to 115 def F to proof the full amount .11 oz of Red Star ADY.

     b.   I had a good proof and allowed the water/ ADY mixture to cool to room temp for 20 mins

2.   Combined the Flour, salt, and malt into the food processor and pulsed for about 10 seconds.

3.   In a separate bowl I poured all Oil, molasses, ¼ of the remaining water and whisked until completely mixed.  All ingredients were room temperature.

4.   I poured #1a and #3 from above into one bowl, used the final remaining ¼ of water to rinse the proof bowl to ensure I rinsed all of the ADY. 

5.   Added 1/3 of “liquid” bowl into the dry ingredients, processed on seting one for 10 seconds, applied the 2nd 1/3 and processed for 10 seconds, then the final 1/3 of liquid and processed for a final 10 seconds.

6.   Scooped all processed material into a bowl and scraped liquid and sticky residue into the bowl.

7.   Poured the contents back into the processer and processed for another 10 seconds to ensure a thorough mixture of all clumped material.

8.   Poured out the finally processed material onto the counter top and it resembled a moist cornmeal.

9.   Balled the mixture and placed in a proofing container, I did fear losing moisture so I added plastic wrap over top of the container then covered with another proofing container.

10.   Allowed to proof in my GE home refrigerator for 69 hours at about 40 deg f

11.   Allow dough to achieve room temperature for 1h:20min  prior to rolling

12.   Final dough ball had developed large cracks on the outside edges but still had a moist feel to it (no moisture was present in the proofing container).

13.   Final dough ball weighed 22.02 oz, minus excess rolled material of 8.18oz, I ended up with a 15” skin that weighs 13.84 0z with a thickness factor of .0785.
        (14" black oiled pan with 1/2" sides, (176.175 = 15” square inches) then 13.84oz / 176.175 =.0785

14.   Rolled dough out into 20 x 20” skin that was the thickness of a dime (or .0785 if my math is correct)

15.   Docked skin

16.   Place skin over oiled 14” oiled pan with 1/2” sides and roll edges to cut the edges

17.   Partial bake for 4 mins @ 500 deg on the 2nd to last rack in the oven

18.   Partial bake resulted in a crumb that felt like a thick sponge, it was almost like the dough rose instead of hardened.  Possibly felt like a slightly stale waffle.

19.   Remove from oven, prepare with ingredients, cook an additional 6 mins

Results were similar to previous experiments with 40% more yeast.  The skin was thick an "airy" and the final crumb was very compressed, crunchy, and thick with no “air pockets” or areas where the skin rose or appears to have layers.

Previous experiment 1 using similar formula and a "24 hour room temp rise" resulted in a great crumb but less than desirable "ferment" taste.

Previous experiment 2 using above procedure, same Percents (add 40% more yeast), and an airtight container that allowed no moisture escape ended up with similar "fluffy" crumb as in the attached pictures.

If anyone could point me in the right direction, I’m looking for results similar to the final DKM recipe.  The DKM crumb looked thin, crunchy,  and had multiple layers of  “air pockets” and layers of crumb.  I have attached a link below of the final DKM recipe with the final crumb I am looking for.

Thank you!

[url]http://www.pizzamaking.com/forum/index.php?topic=779.msg6835#msg6835 /url]