Author Topic: Asking the expert about my dough woes  (Read 995 times)

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Asking the expert about my dough woes
« on: July 28, 2012, 10:23:28 AM »
Good Morning Tom!

My husband and I opened a small pizza shop almost 3 weeks ago.  We've been happy with the progress; gotton a lot of great feedback and more customers than expected.  use However we're still trying to fine tune our pizza recipe.  We use the basic recipe you posted on this site, and were quite happy with it when we tried these at home.  Really like the flavor and how the crust opened up.  When we opened the store and started using our commercial equipment, the dough seems to act differently.  We're getting a lot of bubbles, the crust is too soft to toss, and it's hard to make it fit the pan with a nice symmetrical edge.  I've tried lowering the hydration level, adding less yeast, etc. and nothing seems to be helping.  I'll put down the numbers I've been using and hope you can have some great advice for me. 
25 lb flour (sofo hi-gluten)
15.25 lb water
1.5 oz yeast
4.4 oz salt (I lowered the salt content from the original a bit, thinking that the salt was competing with the "fermented" taste of the yeast.  Maybe that was bad?)
3.8 oz oil
We mix yeast with some warm water, the rest of the water goes in the mixer at 70 degrees or so.  Then we proceed as the recipe states.  When we're done, we ball it up, oil the tops, store in plastic bags and put in the cooler overnight.  I had been taking the dough out 2 hrs before we open, but it seemed so puffy and soft and out of shape that I've been using it cold or warmed just a bit.  But then my crust is hard to stretch.  Any suggestions?  Thanks so much!  I have learned so much from this forum already... you guys are the best!