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soft and chewy
« on: August 06, 2012, 10:38:44 AM »
I was making a quick batch of Jerrymac's NY recipe and for the first time it came out soft and chewy with no crunch.  I typically get the soft dough but with little chew (tough) and a crunch when I cut it and bite into the crust. 

I used better for bread flour and I used clover honey I upped the honey to almost 2Tlb and the salt was 2 tsp Morton kosher salt both are a bit over the original amount but what I typically do. 

I thought that I might have kneaded the dough a bit much and that is why it became tough but other than that I can't think of what I did to loose the crisp outer shell. 

I baked the pizzas on a stone, bottom rack, 550 for 3 min and 3.5 with broiler on.  (this is typically how I do it) 

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this can happen so drmatically with a similar recipe and procedure?