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A Perfect NY Style Pizza
« on: October 31, 2005, 09:12:22 AM »
I made an absolutely perfect NY style crust yesterday.  It had nice even charring across the surface, thick outer crust, thin in the middle.  I've typically made a more Neapolitain pizza, but wanted to give the NY style a try.  I used pretty close to the Tom Lehmann proportions, except substituted the whey from my homemade mozzarella for the water, and cut back on salt a bit.  I was surprised how tough this dough was during the kneading, but also how much better it was to form than my usual dough.  I put it in the fridge to rise overnight.  It barely went anywhere, but picked right up once I set it on the counter to rise.  By dinner it was perfect.  I just dusted it with Durham flour and it stretched right out.  I made 2 pizzas right on the stone, and one on an aluminum pan.  The one in the pan didn't have any charring, and was a bit thicker overall.  My wife prefers it a little thicker, but likes the taste of the stone-baked pizza.  I need to find a way to combine the two qualities.  In the end, the crust could have used a little more salt, but was perfect otherwise.  My sauce was ok this time, but my homemade mozzarella was a little too close to ricotta.  Next time I'm going to go back to the Polly-O.
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