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One Dough Ten Breads
« on: May 20, 2016, 09:21:49 PM »
I just found this book at my library, "One Dough Ten Breads, Making Great Bread By Hand". It's by baker Sarah Black. This is not so much a review since I have yet to bake anything, but I will point out a few things.

What I really like from a beginner standpoint is the first thing you do is make bread. Nothing yet about tools, flours yeasts, etc..  Sarah guides the reader through the steps to make bread with tools most homes would have. No scraper, a spatula. Volume measure, no scale. AP flour and ADY. So you get the picture. Mixing done in a bowl with the flour/ salt in it and the yeast mixture is added to a well in the center. With one hand turning in a circular motion the liquid is used to pull down the flour. Water adding continues the process. So all of the doughs are made this way.

After the reader has the opportunity to make bread, Sarah explains about the tools, methods and ingredients that will really make great bread. So now we have bread flour, weights, autolyse and all the rest of the goodies. The first real recipe is baguettes followed by focaccia and ciabatta. The only changes in those recipes is hydration. Preferments and sourdough culture is also included as the book goes on.

The book looks interesting. The dough is mixed, rested and only kneaded slightly or folded. Gentle approach here.

Sarah Black worked a Tom Cat bakery in NYC so perhaps some members are familiar with their products.

So I'll take out my toys and give a few breads a try. I'm not a great baker but I enjoy the process of working with yeast dough. If you see a copy I suggest you give it a scan.

Forgot to mention there is a pizza recipe. It uses her ciabatta dough. That may be a challenge, but I think some members have done that. Baked at 480 F  for about 25 minutes on a stone.
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