Author Topic: Oh wow... try this stuff. It makes pizzas cook faster and brown more evenly  (Read 2993 times)

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I tried this stuff and it really works!  I cut 3 min off of my bake time and my pizzas are never soggy anymore.  My dough lasts an extra 2 days, and it is pretty inexpensive.  This stuff is worth every penny.  Just thought I would let everyone know.  I usually don't post, but this is worth mentioning.


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I guess you would be enthusiastic as you are selling your own product !
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I bit and ordered a sample bag.  We'll see how it works.  :-)

- Aaron
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This guy may be a little weird about his marketing techniques...I know him (I think).  It works pretty well though.  He has been slinging this stuff around the Pittsburgh area for a few months now.  He walks into your pizza shop and practically forces you to try it...But he aint lyin'.  I'll be damned if my pizza didn't cook about three minutes faster and the crust came out crisp without being dry.  He was kind of disappointed in the results and said the results would be even better after two or three pies of experimentation.  But I bought a bag. 

He was right.  I don't know weather he's totally crazy or a mad scientist.  But something leads me to believe that it is the latter. 

He said he was trying to copy a wingding recipe when he discovered it.  But they ended up being injected wings so the breading didn’t matter… but he kept experimenting and accidentally invented the stuff.  He used it and his shop blew up real quick so he sold it for a pretty penny and just sells this stuff full time now.  Seems like he is doing alright though.

I say at least try a test bag…

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I just got my sample bag today and I have to say, it does make a difference.

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"Usually don't post"?  this post was just hours after you joined, do you "usually" post even faster after just signing up for a forum?
If it really is a good product, which it may be, why not just come out and say hi, I sell a product you all might be interested in and provide some info? 
This certainly makes it sound like a scam from the start.  Had you spent any real time on this site you'd know the folks here are very dedicated and meticulous about their processes and ingredients, and if you could make a case for your product it would be well received.

oh well.