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Rent Di Fara Pizza
« on: September 17, 2012, 11:58:08 AM »
"Di Fara Pizza has a solution for foodies and slice lovers who want to avoid the acclaimed eatery’s legendary lines: rent the place out for a private party.

For $30 a head, pizzaphiles can rent the eatery as well as famed pizzaiolo Domenico De Marco on Thursday nights for an evening of nearly all-you-can eat pizza — a dream come true for Di Fara freaks who say a private affair at the Avenue J slice shop is akin to spending a night at the White House."

Akin to spending a night at the White House? Seriously?

They go on,"Di Fara’s private parties — which does not include booze, appetizers, or dessert — are quite intimate, Margaret says. The eatery’s tables are shoved together to provide a banquet-style experience"

Having been there, I'm not sure "intimate" is the word I would have picked.  :-D
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