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Thin Crust, Re-heating
« on: November 12, 2005, 10:34:29 AM »
I made a really excellent cracker crust the other day (if I do say so myself--lol!) using 1 cup of Ceresota AP and one TBS oil. It's the three separate room temperature rises which makes it work so well. Extremely tasty!

With my rolling pin I can roll it out only so thin, but I picked up a Palermo's frozen ultra-thin pizza at the grocery store, and it is truly ultra-thin (it makes me wish I had a sheeter). I found the finished pizza to be a bit bland and tasteless, but I enjoyed the thinness of the crust. It didn't cook up quite crackery enough for me, so I put a leftover slice in a pan on the stove and to my surprise it crackered up very nicely. I don't know if anyone's tried this, but it seems an ideal way to re-heat pizza!