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hungry ghost bread company
« on: November 03, 2012, 08:49:35 PM »
Hey all,  Just a quick shout out to this place in Northampton Mass.  If you are ever in the area do yourself a favor and stop in.  Really nice people and really GREAT bread.  Cool oven too from Spain,  rotary  firebox on the back huge!  they do pizza after 5 and I have to assume that it is as good as everything else I saw.  All naturally leavened.  was in there this morning,  asked if the baker would share some starter as I lost mine some time ago.  Sure enough the girl behind the scenes overheard the conversation and brought some out to me.  Possibly the best french bread i have had too,  the starter is so tasty.  I asked the baker if it was a known culture and he said he didn't believe in that sort of thing.  All he said was they change.  I do not disagree,  I just don't know for sure. either way,  by 10 am this morning,  my day was made. Really nice people,  still got half a loaf left after driving around all day....  highest recommendation.  -Marc
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