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Best of both worlds?
« on: October 12, 2012, 09:24:17 PM »
Hello fellow members!

I've been a long time reader of this forum and its been a great experience to learn from you guys.  I currently own a successful pizza franchise in Toronto for almost 4 years and will be expanding the family business.  I have a question/concern and am wondering if any of you can give me your opinion...

As of right now, I am using a double deck Garland pizza oven that is primarily used at 550 degrees to make commercial type pies for delivery and pies cut to sell by the slice.  Pizza's are cooked in traditional pans.  My new location I am going to be offering pies in my display (offered by the slice) as well as giving customers the option of ordering their own personal 10" pie.  My question there a gas oven that I can continue to make pizzas for delivery and sold by the slice (like my garland) and still give me the option to make personal pies in a fast cook time?  Obviously I would need a double deck oven if I plan to do this from one oven. 

For the personal pizzas I would like a neo-ny style.  If there is not one oven that would do both of these simultaneously would any of you recommend a gas oven and accessories that can give me the most efficient way of making a neo-ny style 9-10" pie in the 4-6  minute range?  That is pretty much my main concern....

Do I need a specific oven? pizza sheet? certain stone in the oven?  certain dough? or would a basic baker's pride or blodgett oven do?
Any help or insight would be so grateful, thank you so much  :chef: