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Burke Premoro toppings.
« on: December 08, 2005, 04:17:00 AM »
Anyone used these before? I've been given a few samples to try and they seem OK. I'm not sure if I like them better than Fontanini Chicago style topping or not. One plus, is they aren't "rabbit pellets." They refer to them as hand pinched and they look kind of craggy. I've yet to use them on a pizza, but my favorite so far is called "Old Italy Cooked Italian Sausage." It's also the one sample without any weird preservatives listed on the ingredients label. One sample is just weird: Gyro Flavored Beef Topping.

I'm hoping to try some on a sausage/pepperoni pizza tomorrow when I test my new 19in Fibrament-D pizza stone. This screws up my plan to try to make my own version of my favorite pizza from Seattle's Pagliacci Pizza, the Pesto Primo: Garlic & Olive Oil base, Fontina & Mozzarella Cheese, one dollop of Ricotta per slice, sliced peppers, and a drizzling of Pesto sauce all around the outer part of the pizza.

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