Author Topic: Pizza Peel Made from a 48 inch length of 2 by 4 lumber  (Read 1380 times)

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Pizza Peel Made from a 48 inch length of 2 by 4 lumber
« on: November 20, 2012, 03:10:51 AM »
I use my peel for loading pizza onto a stone in my gas grill and my home kitchen oven, so there is no need for a long handle. I must prefer the control I get using two hands to handle my rectangular shaped pizza peel. I also prefer a thin lightweight peel which allows me to work within limited 5 inch vertical space of my gas grill pizza oven setup.

If you have good woodworking knowledge, a drill, a table saw, a portable belt sander, a vibration sander and about 5 pipe clamps, you can make a very nice 24 by 16 inch rectangular pizza peel like the one shown below. Here's a brief how to...

1.) Start with a 48 inch length of 2 by 4 lumber.

2.) Use table saw to cut the 2 by 4 into 1.5" by 3/8" strips 48" long.
Cut 6 strips/boards.

3.) Cut the 6 boards in half. You now have all you need plus one spare board.
Select the best 11 boards.

4.) Paying close attention to the curvature of the end grain, line up all 11 boards to make your peel. Alternate each board's end grain in opposite directions to ensure they don't all warp in the same direction. That's very important to ensure peel does not warp!

5.) Glue and clamp boards together. Allow 24 hours to dry.

6.) Sand and shape the peel.

7.) Apply mineral oil as a finish.

8.) Make some pizza!!!

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