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Shakey's -Inglewood and Fresno
« on: December 08, 2005, 12:37:32 PM »
This was a trip down to LA. I have eaten many times in Inglewood as I own a place in El Segundo. The lunch time buffet I enjoyed was the style of Shakey's of old. Thin crust almost like a thin crispy croissant. During the buffet is the hardest time to bake as they have to turn out dozens of pizzas on the old deck oven. They were old California style excellent. I could barely walk I ate so much.  The crew is almost entirely Hispanic as were most of the customers. It is Inglewood. Just true to the original thin style.

Fresno. (central valley).  Again the crew was Hispanic as were most of the customers.  But the pizza was not the old Shakey's style. It was much thicker and not as crisp. What was happening , I believe, is that in trying to feed poor families they are changing the dough either by weight or by sheeting and rising techniques. You'll be full, but it isn't traditional Shakey's. I have been to this Shakey's several times and it is always that style.

One of the things that got Shakey's in trouble was that you never knew what the product was going to be.

So if you're in the LAX area and have a car, the Inglewood Shakey's is 10 minutes away.
If you're in Fresno -