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G3 Ferrari oven with screen attempt (With pictures )
« on: December 21, 2012, 04:10:25 PM »
***Please see post below***

Hi Folks,

I have just got a G3 ferrari oven and I know various people have found that turning the temp to 1 to pre-heat then 3 when the pizza goes in have had great success.  This is because their pizza stone(which is heated from below) gets far hotter than the element above the stone and so the dough burns before the toppings are cooked.

Those people are putting it directly on the pizza stone but I don't have that luxury yet as I don't have a peel.  I am therefore going to put it in the G3 oven on a screen.  

My question is whether a pizza is likely to burn on the bottom when on the screen - even on a super hot stone.  I know not many people have the G3 but I'm just looking for opinions.
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Re: G3 Ferrari oven with screen
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I ran out of time - it was a last minute question in case anyone was perusing the forum so I ploughed on anyway.

The answer is 'no', the crust won't burn.  I preheated the oven to 2, turned it to 3 for 20 secs, slung in my pizza on it's screen and gave it about 4-5 minutes.  I then examined the bottom and far from being burnt it was merely firm - hardly any colouration. As it was firm enough,  I then took the pizza off the screen and dumped it back on the stone for about 4 minutes.  It turned into my best pizza yet!  This is only my second attempt since joining the forum and it's light years ahead of the sloppy bread pies I was making before.

I have included some photos.  It isn't anywhere near as burnt as it looks, not a great deal of colouration on the sides of the crust though, the toppings on the slice picture look so dark because of the pesto  ;D

I don't know what kind of pizza it is but I am pretty chuffed - the dough was nicely chewy on the crust.

I think next time I would turn it up to max from the beginning and do the same thing(screen then off screen for a bit etc).  In the future I imagine that using a peel straight on the stone and then on a screen(the reverse of what I have done) to finish the toppings would be the way to go.  We'll see, need to get a peel first.

P.S Don't laugh at my dough stretching abilities please.  ;D I simply dust the dough with a semolina/flour mix then, on a baking tray, finger push it until it approximates a pizza shape.  There's no tossing or much of anything else..yet.  I spend about 30 seconds on it, if that.  And I only threw the toppings on to see how the dough would turn out - my next piccies will be prettier.   ;D

Any comments/suggestions would be very much appreciated.   :)
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Re: G3 Ferrari oven with screen attempt (With pictures )
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Wolfylee, I think that your stretching abilities are fine. The pie is the same shape as the screen, a true measure of success. Glad that you have found a solution to the bottom burning. I have never used an oven like yours but then all ovens are the boss and we just have to learn how to tame them.
Continued success!

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Re: G3 Ferrari oven with screen attempt (With pictures )
« Reply #3 on: December 21, 2012, 08:34:50 PM »
I think you are awesome man....will you come over and make me a pizza?!  :chef:
Bob   ;D
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Re: G3 Ferrari oven with screen attempt (With pictures )
« Reply #4 on: December 22, 2012, 09:53:55 AM »
Thanks Mark, thanks Bob.
Hey Bob, I would if you would show me how to do it right!  Lets face it, with all the experimenting I'm going to be doing the round trip to the US would still probably be a lower carbon footprint  ;D