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What can I do?
« on: December 29, 2012, 02:18:37 PM »
I just got into pizza making because Old Chicago here in Phoenix got me hooked on calzones and I got tired of paying restaurant prices for them. I decided to go to Romanelli's Italian Deli and get some ingredients. I know making dough can be thought of as labor intensive without a mixer so I decided to try their pre-made 16" pizza balls, you just let them thaw then use. The calzone was superb, but I love NY style pizza and decided I would make that next. Well, after saucing, cheesing, and topping it up, it came out exactly like a copycat of pizza hut's pan pizza. Obviously not what I was intending. Although it tasted great, my dough was thick, good, but thick. Will I have to just suffer the labor of making my own dough or will I be able to find NY style pizza balls anywhere?  The ones at Romanelli's Italian Deli were 2 bucks. That felt very reasonable you know? What should I do?

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Re: What can I do?
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Stretch it out thin ftw mistachy!
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