Author Topic: What "type" of Pizza (American, California, Thick, New York, etc.) is AB's pizza  (Read 1505 times)

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Hi all.

I have been making pizzas for several years. Just recently found this site. Love it. I quickly realize how little that i know, and am lucky that my pizzas have turned out ok.

I am mildly confused with your listing of TYPES of pizzas. (American, California, Thick, New York, etc).  Some of your types (Chicago, New York) seem pretty straightforward. But others, i am not sure how broad the categories are.

Let me ask about a couple of pizzas that i have made, and see how you categorize them.

AB (Alton Brown's pizza) ..

Ina Garten's pizza:  You can ignore the fact that she "grills" the pizza, and just look at the ingredients.

Thanks for your help.

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I would categorize those two recipes as "excellent reasons why you should rely on"
They would confuse anyone man..... ::)
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