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Mobile Heated Cabinet requirement and normal use
« on: January 13, 2015, 11:23:21 AM »
Hi Everyone,

I am in the early design stage of opening a restaurant for a family entertainment center.

The menu will consist of burgers and kids' pizzas.   I do not plan to do gourmet pizzas at all.   (FYI the burgers will be high-end, but not the pizzas).

I am planning to purchase a middleby Marshall PS-540 oven, but my questions is about mobile heated cabinet.   

My kitchen consultant quoted two new mobile heated pan cabinets (Hatco Model No. FSHC-17W1D) with 17 trays in each at about $4000 each.   My three questions are:

1-Do I need to purchase 1, 2 or none of these cabinets?   I presume I will need to put out or have on hand a maximum of 50 pizza per hour max during the rush.

2-Do all the pizza franchises use these or some types of mobile heated pan cabinets to keep the pizza warm before they are dispatched?   Or are these more commonly used in cafeteria type environment (or family entertainment center) where a lot of pizzas need to be on hand at a time.

3-Do you know how the pizzas are stored in a Chuck E. Cheese before serving or are they just made to order.