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Working The Broccoli
« on: April 17, 2003, 09:09:39 AM »
Did you know? Broccoli was brought to the US by the grandfather of James Bond movie producer Albert R. Broccoli. Seriously. It was a hybrid of several Italian imports.

Even frozen broccoli from the supermarket can provide NY pizza flavor and consistency. Keep the broccoli fresh tasting by defrosting the frozen vegetables most of the way back to fresh (they still have a bit of ice on them).

Add to the pizza in the oven about four minutes before the end of your cooking time. Adding vegetable early in the process overcooks the vegetables and makes the pizza soggy. Wait until just before the cheese would brown for best consistency.

The broccoli will be hot but not too hot atop the pizza after you have let the cooked pizza "steam out" for a few minutes after the oven. The broccoli will be crisp with a unique consistency. Try it!   ::)