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Re: Two Bros. Pizza--NYC (Split Topic)
« on: January 27, 2013, 10:54:39 PM »

The 2 Brother’s Pizza locations sounds interesting.  When I travel to NYC again, I will try to stop at one of their locations.


Well, first, it turns out that I got the name a little wrong, they actually spell it "2 Bros," and they raised their price from 99 cents to $1.00.  Here's their Web site:

If you google the name, you'll find people on Yelp and other review Web sites giving them excellent reviews, raving about the price, but also, some raving about the taste.  Which is what makes me think that I was putting too much emphasis on long-ferments, sourdough starters and all that.  As the saying goes, the customer is always right and if the customer is happy and doesn't know the difference, then I shouldn't go crazy over it, myself.  That's not to say that I shouldn't take advantage of a large space and plenty of time when it's available, but I also don't think I need to turn down a small space without a basement.

Or maybe 2 Bros pizza is actually good and I'm a "pizza snob?"  To me, it tastes very "bready," with insufficient cheese.  If you or anyone else on does manage to get to NYC and try it, I would be interested to hear what they thought of it.

Some of the locations also offer fried chicken for $1.00/piece.  Tasted a bit too salty to me, but again, it was selling and $1.00/piece is cheap for fried chicken in NYC.

At the other end of the spectrum (if you're trying pizza in NYC), these Artichoke Basille ([ Anonymized URL Blocked ]) is very expensive ([ Anonymized URL Blocked ]) and very mediocre, in my opinion, but I wouldn't mind a second opinion.

What?  No one wants to travel all the way to NYC for bad pizza?

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Re: Two Bros. Pizza--NYC (Split Topic)
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2013, 09:35:38 AM »

When I go to NY it is usually to look around or when I went with a group from this forum it was to try out pizzas that are rated good by other members.  I wouldn’t mind trying out 2 Bros. Pizza, but wouldn’t go out of the way to try their pizza.

I would think you were a good judge about how 2 Bros. Pizza tastes.  There are many NY style pizzerias in my immediate area and they do have good businesses, but I also would call those pizzas bready with not much of any flavor in the crust.  I think most of the members that have been on the forum for awhile and tried sourdough starters and longer ferments for pizzas probably wouldn’t give the 2 Bros. Pizza a good review either.  

I think I did mention I was at Artichoke Basille and did like their pizza.  


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Re: Two Bros. Pizza--NYC (Split Topic)
« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2013, 10:52:40 AM »
If I were only visiting NYC I wouldn't try 2 Bros.  I live here, and I've been and it's pizza for a dollar.  The Dollar Slice places that are popping up everywhere all serve smaller slices.  I've found the crust to be irregularly pale at most of them.  Chances are there's a slice that costs 2.50 within a 5 min walk that tastes a lot better. 

The dollar slice places are probably serving 16" pies, while most NY places are 18" pies.. meaning youre getting 25% more pizza at a non-dollar slice place.  With that in mind, and the improved quality taste from nondollar places, I don't see the value of a dollar slice.

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Re: Two Bros. Pizza--NYC (Split Topic)
« Reply #3 on: May 09, 2013, 11:33:23 AM »
The dollar slice places are probably serving 16" pies, while most NY places are 18" pies.. meaning you're getting 50% more pizza at a non-dollar slice place.


If the two sizes of pizzas (16" and 18") have the same number of slices and are otherwise identical (proportionate amounts of dough, sauce, cheese and toppings), I believe you get (9 x 9)/(8 x 8) = 1.27 times more pizza with a slice from the 18" pizza.

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