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My first pie (and 2nd, and 3rd)
« on: February 01, 2013, 02:29:54 PM »
Hello everyone and thank you in advance for all the wonderful insight into the art of pizza making! I've recently joined so I can post my results after reading a few threads here and venturing into the self made pizza world. My experience thus far has been great though I certainly have made enough mistakes along the way which I'll share. This will probably be a long rant on my pizzas so apologies in advance.

Pizza #0: I'm going to disregard my actual first pizza since it was made using a tv show recipe and before finding this forum.

For the 3 pies I made I used Bubba Kuhn's recipe from his video (http://www.pizzamaking.com/forum/index.php?topic=19201.0) since I found it to be pretty straight forward.
For Pizza #3 I made a homemade sauce using Cento peeled tomatoes that I split and drained and left the excess juice in the can (also pulled out the stem hard chunks), 1 tsp basil and oregano, 2tsp salt, 1.5tsp sugar, 1tbsp EVOO, and a few cranks of a pepper mill. I used a stick blender until fairly smooth. Used uncooked. Tasted pretty good for its simplicity.

His ingredients (taken from post in thread): 2 cups water, oz sugar, oz salt, oz IDY, cup EVOO, 30 oz high gluten flour

I made some modifications out of necessity and accident. I didn't have IDY as called for in the video so used ADY and proofed it 15 mins in all the ingredients except oil and flour. I also started mixing and forgot to add the oil so grabbed a cup and put it in at about the point it the dough was just coming together. I also didn't look at the cup I grabbed and added 1/2 cup oil instead of 1/4 (oops). I also used KBBF instead of high gluten.

I could have let it mix longer but the dough was trying to escape so I only got about 4 mins in and was a modest window pane consistency. I was so excited to try it out I didnt even notice that it was a rather large dough ball. It nearly mushroomed over the top of my 5qt mixing bowl over night. I should have cut it after mixing instead of waiting but I cut it the next day and made my first pie with 1/3 of it.

Each pie was made 24 hours after the other (yes thats a lot of pizza in a week but it was gooood) starting 24 hours after making the dough. All were cooked on a 12in pizza stone on bottom rack of electric oven.

Pizza #1: 1/3 of above dough, canned sauce (don pepino's), preshreded cheese, little onion and mushroom. Cooked on stone at 500deg The pizza came out good, nice consistency though I think I used too much flour when stretching it as it had some left over after cooking. Overcooked it a little too, wasn't black but was harder than I would have liked

Pizza #2: same as above but upped temp to 550 and took it out a little sooner. I liked this one better though I still wish the dough was more chewier. It had a little more flavor that I liked too but I assume that was due to the extra day in the refrigerator.

Pizza #3: this one doesnt really go here since I made it sicilian style(ish) but i'll mention it anyways since it was the same dough. I oiled my dutch oven and coated both sides of the dough. I brought my oven up to around 100-110 and turned it off to let it rise for an hour. about halfway through I carefully pushed it out to the sides of the dutch oven. I preheated to 550 and put the dough only in the dutch oven right on my stone. I parbaked until it was a "light blonde" color. I added the homemade sauce and fresh grated cheese this time, tossed some pepperoni on and continued baking until the cheese was starting to turn. I think next time I will do it in 3 steps (crust->crust+sauce->crust+sauce+cheese) to make the sauce a little thicker. I'll also parbake a little less.

For anyone that lived through that wall of text please feel free to tell me what I did wrong or how I can make it better. Or any new things to try as I dont plan on slowing down (I have at least 2 pies to make for this Sunday...go Ravens!)