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Re: Motorino or Paulie Gee's clone
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On the issue of who is using natural yeast, I just read in an article in today's "Serious Eats," about a newly opened place in LA, called Wildcraft Sourdough Pizza, features a 30-year-old sourdough starter and a 3-day fermentation (hence the name).  The owners are VPN trained and from the pictures, the pizza looks great.  

The instagram site for this place has MUCH better pics, but these guys seem committed to the craft. Using an SF oven, etc.

And yet, the tepid Yelp reviews reveal the general lack of knowledge on the part of the public about this style of pizza. SoCal is probably the last place in the world I would want to open up a restaurant. I wish these guys well. Maybe they'll open a chain in SE NC when they get fed up with all the B$ in So Cal!

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Re: Motorino or Paulie Gee's clone
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The only issue I have with Wildcraft is I can't get my head around how they do a 3 day dough with a sourdough starter...

Fermenting sourdough for that long tends to lead to a "sour" taste, IMO. Unless they cold retard the dough, in which case that's not the ideal environment for sourdough. Though I haven't trie the pizza, I'm having difficulty making sense of it.

I've read a preview that described the starter as "pungent" and the resulting flavor as sour...consistent with over doing it but I don't know.
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