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Avocado Beast
« on: September 12, 2007, 10:22:03 AM »
The talk about gaining higher temps at home got me thinking. When our old refer quit after 28 years I installed the matching stove in the basement. I have been using it with a Hearthkit for about 10 years. Great stove with a well insulated oven. Fridgidaire made in 1969, when owned by GM.

 This stove has a lever to lock the door for clean cycle. Lock is held during clean. I took off the back and found the switch that tells the control the lever is in lock position. I defeated the switch. I can now go to clean mode with the door unlocked.

First test. Set oven to 500 F until Hearthkit thermometer hit 500. Pulled thermometer. Went to clean mode for 20 minutes. Turned off oven and after one minute put in pizza. Waited 2 min, turned pizza and went back to clean mode. Two more minutes, done. Back to clean while I prepared a second pizza and then followed the above times.

 Great results! The Avocado Beast is born. Good reviews from the family. I really need a way to get a temperature reading to get some kind of control, so I will investigate that. The testing will continue this winter.

 I in no way recommend anyone defeating safty devices on their home equipment.

  Hope the pictures make it. First try for that.