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Pizza making secrets - Repeat after me
« on: January 06, 2006, 03:40:14 PM »
One day, many years ago, I made a memorable pizza. I said to my wife, "Taste this. It is really good"  She said, "You're right: what did you do differently?" I said, "Just the usual recipe. " She said: Did you measure? Did you write it down?
I said: It's the same recipe. You know I kind of go by feel anyway.

Next week I used the same recipe for another pizza. Wife was happy until she tasted the pizza. "What did you do differently?"
Same basic recipe. You know I go by feel."

Her reply cannot be repeated exactly, but loosely translated she said Measure and write it down.

Secret number one: measure and write down exactly what you've done. Then repeat until you have the same product.

If you cannot repeat, then at least one variable has been changed.

I believe in measuring especially by weight.
There are a couple of other variables called time and temperature but that is for another post.

The secret is to measure exactly and record both the process and the results.

Some of us even use spreadsheets.  I hear sighing.

Secret one part two, change only one ingredient or variable when you change a recipe.

I have (past mistake) changed the water level and yeast on the same attempt. The result obviously was different from previous attempts. Was it from the water, the yeast, or the combination?

There are many good recipes on this website. Before you dismiss out of hand someone's recipe, perhaps try it twice.
Same result, it might be the recipe. Different result, it might be the pizza maker.

If this sounds like your science project in school and you think pizza making is an art not a science, let me share this:
at our colleges on the left coast, it is a food science degree.

I believe I'm an artist and I can go by feel.  If I'm going to share the pizza with my wife, I'm going to measure and record the results.

Secret #1: Measure, record, repeat. Then change one variable.

I feel the love  :)

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Re: Pizza making secrets - Repeat after me
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2006, 01:42:48 PM »
All you need is some experience and you can achieve remarkably consistent results, whether you weigh, scoop, or eyeball.