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Positano's Palm Harbor Florida
« on: November 28, 2015, 09:33:14 AM »
I was able to eat pizza once more while in Florida for Thanskgiving.  This time it was at Positano's, which is in the neighborhood I was visiting.

As you know if you have read my posts, I am very new to wood fired pizza and Neapolitan, so I will offer my observations as shallow as they may be.

I had reviewed their website before going. Their menu states "Our authentic Neapolitan style pizza arrives charred and chewy from our 800 degree wood fired oven.
We prepare our pizza in accordance with the standards of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, utilizing imported Caputo 00 flour, San Marzano tomatoes, sea salt and the finest imported olive oil.

I also noticed they accept reservations, but I did not make one.

I checked at http://www.pizzanapoletana.org/shownaz_eng.php?n=Usa and they are not members. I personally not into certifications, but I do find it a little naughty for them to seem to utilize the association without supporting the association.

We arrived at 6pm and my mother in law said they we would be lucky to get in. We asked for a table and were told it would be a 2hr wait. We enquired about the bar and were told they could put a couple high top tables together for us. As luck would have it, this location and the height of the tables provided a perfect view along the make table and the oven. Unfortunately i had to surrender my phone to my son to keep him entertained. So I was unable to either time the bakes nor take photos.

There were two pizzaiolos working. One mainly shaping dough and the other built and manned oven. The opening technique was not the Neapolitan slap. It looked to me like one hand supported the dough with knuckles while the other gripped like a frisbee and pinched and stretched.

The board along the make table was the same depth as the skins which provided an easy visual clue for sizing the pizza. Some pizzas made were more american with dry mozz and pepperoni.

We ordered a Margherita, a Regina Margherita, and a Gorgonzola.

As I mentioned I could not time the pizzas, but it was taking much more than one minute in my estimation. The pizzas I observed were evenly baked, no obvious leopard spotting. I suspected the temp was low, but again I have little experience with WFO.

I ate my entire pizza, I enjoyed it quite a bit. The crust had visible sea salt on it and I certainly tasted it. I might play with this on my pies. I did not try the Regina as it only added cherry tomatoes. I had a piece of the Gorgonzola and found it very strong for my taste but I appreciated the concept. A milder cheese would work for me with the thin carmelized onions. My kids wrecked their spaghetti and meatballs.

The service was very good and everyone was very friendly. A band started playing at 7. Despite our proximity, it was not overly loud, as can often be the case.

All in all, a nice meal in a nice restaurant at a fairly reasonable price (about $60 for 3 pies and 2 kids meals, no drinks other than kids lemonade)

Edit: I forgot to mention there was lots of dusting flour on the pizza. When my wife had leftovers she complained about it again. It wasnt obvious to me visually, but you felt it on your hands and saw it on the napkins after wiping your hands.
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