Author Topic: I'm back, and finally adding pizza to our restaurant!  (Read 842 times)

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I'm back, and finally adding pizza to our restaurant!
« on: March 03, 2013, 10:06:38 PM »
I lost all my free time during the last 3 years running our BBQ restaurant, And since we found that financing impossible for a restaurant in my area, so the expansion and inclusion of a wood-fired oven never took place.
Well, we are buying a new larger building in a better location and adding pizza to our menu.

There is already a 60QT spiral mixer, a lovely Traulsen pizza cooler, and a tripe stack set of Sveba Dahlen ovens already onsite that I cannot wait to start up and begin firing pies!
I have dreams of a VCM in my near future, I plan on selling those European ovens a few months down the road, and replacing them with some wood-burners, so if someone wants some lightly used Sveba Dahlen ovens, let me know.
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